cooking n.烹饪;烹调 cook v.烹饪;烹调

monday 星期一 tuesday 星期二 wednesday 星期三

thursday 星期四 friday 星期五 saturday 星期六

sunday 星期日 weekend 周末


have a cooking class 有一堂烹饪课

on thursdays 在星期四

music teacher 音乐老师


( c )1. a、cooking b、shopping c、ring

( a )2. a、monday b、math c、english

( c )3. a、tuesdayb、thursday c、chinese

( a )4. a、weekend b、breakfast c、dinner

( b )5. a、read b、beefc、eat

( b )6. a、sunday b、science c、saturday


( a )1.a、cooking b、zoo c、room

( b )2.a、monday b、woman c、monkey

( b )3.a、put b、tuesday · c、sure

( c )4.a、friday b、fivec、fifth

( c )5.a、thursday b、hurtc、sure

( c )6.a、weekend b、beef c、help

( c )7.a、early b、tea c、eat


( a )1、i have a cooking class monday.


( b )2、let me have a .


( c )3、what does mike after school?


( a )4、—what do you have on mondays?

a、i have math.

( a )5、mary on sunday.

a、sing and dance


1、 look at my picture。 看我的画。

2、 what do you have on thursdays? 星期四你有什么课?

3、 i have maths,english and music. 我有数学,英语和音乐课。

4、 what do you do on thursdays,grandpa? 星期四你干什么呀,爷爷?

5、 oh,i have a cooking class with your grandma! 哦,我和你奶奶一起上一堂烹饪课!




often 时常;常常 park 公园 wash 洗

watch 看 do 做;干 read 看;读

play 踢;玩;参加 tired 疲倦的;疲劳的

sport 体育运动 should (常用于纠正别人)应该;应当

every 每个;每一个 day 一天;一日

schedule 工作计划;日程安排 advice 建议;劝告;忠告


in this park 在这个公园

read books 看书

look tired 看起来很累

play sports 做体育运动

a new schedule 一个新的日程安排

have a football/basketball class 有一节足球/篮球课

every day 每天


( a )1. a、o'clock b、sometimes c、often

( c )2. a、park b、garden c、bus

( a )3. a、washb、watch c、see

( a )4. a、do b、we c、he

( b )5. a、read b、carrotc、play

( b )6. a、should b、tired c、can


( a )1.a、wash b、watch c、water

( c )2.a、do b、who c、come

( a )3.a、read b、hear · c、real

( b )4.a、park b、dollarc、car

( b )5.a、sport b、doctorc、for

( c )6.a、day b、play c、saw

( a )7.a、should b、mouth c、count


( b )1、 he often play football on the weekend?

a、doing b、does c、do

( b )2、he reads books .

a、every dayb、everyday c、day

( b )3、zhang peng will play basketball this afternoon.

a、a b、/c、the

( c )4、—do you often watch tv on the weekend?

a、yes,i can. b、yes,i am. c、yes,i do.

( a )5、i often tv and clothes on sunday.

a、watch;wash b、watch;play c、wash;play


1、 it’s saturday afternoon. (现在是)星期六下午。

2、 do you often read books in this park? 你经常在这个公园里看书吗?

3、 what do you often do on the weekend? 周末你经常干什么?

4、 i often do homework,watch tv and draw pictures on the weekend. 我经常在周末做作业、看电视和画画。

5、 what about you? 你怎么样?

6、 you should play sports every day. 你应该每天做体育运动。




only 只;仅 must 一定;必须 shoot 射门;投篮

miss 错过,未击中 join 加入 show 展示

score 得分;打分数 goal 进球得分;目标 win 赢,获胜


only know 只知道

must be 一定是

score ten goals 进十个球

ten to three 十比三


( c )1. a、shopping b、camping c、sing

( b )2. a、like b、under c、need

( c )3. a、will b、want c、window

( c )4. a、enough b、active c、egg

( a )5. a、money b、monkeyc、rabbit


( a )1.a、for b、stop c、shopping

( c )2.a、need b、bee c、blue

( c )3.a、will b、city · c、wife

( c )4.a、enough b、touchc、mouse

( c )5.a、money b、sonc、so


( a )1、i need shopping.

a、to go b、doing c、go

( b )2、what does amy on sunday?

a、has b、havec、to have

( b )3、we need to put something back.we don't have money.

a、any b、enoughc、a

( c )4、let's put some pictures on the wall.

a、back b、on c、up

( a )5、—i'll help you.

a、thank you. b、of course. c、see you.


1、e2、b3、f4、a5、c 6、d


一、1. a 2.b 3.c 4.c 5.a

二、1.b 2.c3.c 4.a 5.a

三、1. wednesday2. weekend3. watch4. read5. saturday

四、1. on(at)2. at(on)3. who(who's)

4. do(does) 5. and(with)

五、1. look at my picture.(看我的画。)

2.what do you have on thursdays?(星期四你有什么课?)

3. i have a cooking class with your grandma.(我和你奶奶一起上一堂烹饪课。)

4. do you often play football here?(你经常在这儿踢足球吗?)

5. what do you often do on the weekend?(周末你经常干什么?)

六、1. d 2. a 3. c 4. e 5. b

七、1. what is it?

2. do you often play football here?

3. what do you have on mondays?

4. he sometimes watches tv on the weekend.


八、1. b 2. a 3. c 4.c 5.b

6.b 7. c 8.a 9.b 10.b

九、1. b 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. b

十、1. b 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. b




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